Swedish Massage

$45.0060 min

Light touch, for clients new to massage, moderately active and/or looking to just relax an slip away!

Therapeutic Massage

$55.0060 min

Medium, firm and focused pressure. Still always at your comfort, but designed to treat problem areas and work out any issues. Hot stones included to help finish and smooth those sore muscles.
Massage pic

Swedish Massage

$70.0090 min

Same light touch, but with added time, achy muscles like hands and feet get extra pampered. Head and face are treated to special techniques to relax.

Therapeutic Massage

$90.0090 min

Extra time added to incorporate more techniques to help stretch and release muscles and tension. Hot stones used in all sizes to treat hips, low back, shoulders and neck.

Add to your pampering!


Benefits Of Massage

Add 15 mins. to your time and extra special pampering for your face! Add your choice of 3 anti-aging, face masks to brighten, and rejuvenate your complexion, improve elasticity, and diminishes fine lines & wrinkles.

- Recovery from injury - Blood and lymphatic circulation - Healing through touch - Mental and physical relaxation - Decreased stress and muscle tension - Improved range of motion