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Featured Workout

A lot of people don't like to "work out" but find results doing something fun like dancing! If that's you, this is a workout I recommend you try! It's relatively inexpensive, easy to do, and will help you get results! If you try Cize, let me know what you think! Give me your feedback at ajay@ajaywellness.com

Fit Tip!

Brace Your Core Before Every Exercise

Your core is much more than a six-pack of muscles. it's a system of muscle wraps around your entire torso, stabilizing your body, protecting your spine from injury and keeping you upright. Fire these muscles before every exercise to keep your back healthy, steady your balance and maintain a rigid body position. You'll get the added bonus of isometric exercise for your middle, which could reveal the muscles in your core you'd like everyone to see.

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No time for a long workout?

No problem! Check out this quick morning workout routine!

Just 10 minutes? Yes! Science has shown that doing mini-workouts as short as 8-to-10 minutes throughout the day are just as effective as one long workout.


Be ready to sweat!

To keep your shorter workout effective, make sure you bring the intensity! A.Jay can suggest some of the best, short workouts that get results!

Add some resistance!

Boost your results with shorter workouts by adding weights! Let A.Jay share what amount she recommends for you.

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